In 2010 Resident Evil Fan Films Released Patient Zero


In 2011 Resident Evil Fan Films released a brand new movie entitled Patient Zero. The 10 minute movie was in production for over 18 months now. It was created by Jerome Chagnon a film student at the Art Institutes of California San Francisco in Digital Film and Video Production who is a huge fan of the Resident Evil video games series. This film was part of Jeromes senior project and was freely available online due to being a student project.
This was the official website for the film.
Content is from the site's 2010 -2011 archived pages as well as other outside sources.       


Patient Zero
Albert Wesker
Published on Oct 26, 2011
"A story with love, deception... and zombies!"
As Albert Wesker and William Birkin struggle to achieve the first bio-weapon for Umbrella, Ada Wong steps in and put her love life aside.
With Philippe Debaty, Joe Napoli Jr. , Jean Bay and Kabary Jackson. Directed by Jerome Chagnon and produced by Ashley Doss.



As a film student at the Art Institutes of California San Francisco in Digital Film and Video Production, and as a huge fan of the Resident Evil video games series, I have decided to base my senior project on this universe.

Resident Evil is a videogame series created by the Japanese company Capcom in 1996. The games are about a pharmaceutical company, Umbrella, which creates zombies and bio-weapons trough viruses. These monsters tend to escape on a regular basis, and create chaos and mayhem. A special forces unit called "S.T.A.R.S." and some of their relatives fight against Umbrella and its monstrous creations.

Capcom said in 2008 that they released worlwide a total of 34,500,000 copies of the games. There are 4 Hollywood movies based on the Resident Evil franchise, one Japane full-CGI movie, two series of books (English and Japanese), three series of comic books produced by Images Comics, and a lot of Chinese Mangas. Resident Evil is famous and generate a lot of money.

  • Let's make it clear right here: I am not going to sell my movies.
  • They are made as student projects and will be released for free on Internet.

Because I am a fan from the early days, I am working on movies based on the very first games back in 1996 and 1997, Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 1.5 (for more information on this game, check Bioflames in English or SurvivHorin French).

Jerome Chagnon


We don't know enough about Resident Evil 1.5 so it is almost impossible to make a good adaptation of the game - and I didn't really want to make guesses. So I came with the idea that we know enough about the game to create a few scenes. And a few scenes would be enough for a trailer.

The trailer will be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long. I have shoot so far 7 minutes of usable f (not counting every takes for every scenes) pided in 15 scenes. I still need to shoot a little more, thought. Then the editing process will start. After I have a rough editing, I will get the music and sound design created and I will work on the visual effects. Actually, 30 people have worked on this project, and I am really excited about it.


The idea behind Patient Zero came during a talk with my friend Nabil Ayari. He told me that he wanted to make a very short movie, based on the Resident Evil universe, and showing the creation of the first zombie - ergo, the title. I suggested a few ideas and then, life quicked in as it often does and Nabil couldn't shoot his movie due to personal problems.

A few months later, I asked him if I could take the title and the concept, but change the storyline. He was all for it, and that's how Patient Zero started.

The story will involve Albert Wesker and Ada Wong, in a short movie – between 8 and 12 minutes long. I am using the same crew and most of the same actors I used for my RE1.5 trailer to make this project. Shooting will start in July 2010.


An aside:

I came to Resident Evil via the movies which are loosely based on the Capcom survival horror video game series. The Resident Evil film series is the highest-grossing film series based on a video game, having grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide. There are six films in all:

  • Resident Evil (2002)
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
  • Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife (2009)
  • Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

 The "Resident Evil" series follows the opposite trajectory of most enterprises: It's generally gotten better as it's gone along. "The Final Chapter" links up to the original film so well you'll almost believe it was the plan all along. If this really is the final chapter, it's a satisfying bookend.

Recently my teenage son has been doing research about Resident Evil, the Japanese horror media franchise created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara and owned by the video game company Capcom. Since I enjoyed the films, I have peeked at his paper as he has been writing it. I've learned a lot of interesting facts. Taking place in a mansion overrun with zombies, the first Resident Evil video game was released in 1996. The franchise has grown to encompass numerous sequels of various genres, incorporating elements of action, exploration, and puzzle solving. Resident Evil has been credited with popularizing survival horror games, as well as re-popularizing zombies in mainstream popular culture from the late 1990s onwards, leading to a renewed interest in zombie films during the 2000s. Think: The Walking Dead among numerous films and other TV shows. Resident Evil turns out to be Capcom's best-selling video game franchise, with 92 million units sold worldwide as of June 30, 2019. Not surprising, the Resident Evil films are also the highest-grossing film series based on video games. There have been numerous releases of the video game since 1996.

Jump ahead to 2017. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is released. Diverging from the more action-oriented Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 finally returns to the franchise's survival horror roots with an emphasis on exploration. The player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife in a derelict plantation occupied by a cannibal family, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. ALthough there was some criticisms aim at various aspects, as of December 2018, the game has sold over six million copies worldwide. My son and I play frequently- perhaps too frquently! If you want to read about the convoluted story line check it out on Wikipedia.

My son and I really get into the RE7 game. He got a text from someone who warned him about something called "nothing" and we ended up discussing how something could even be nothing - kind of an existential conversation inspired by a video game in which nothing, everything and something all are related through the meta world. Later that evening I looked up nothing in Google and found a great post on the topic which we shared at breakfast, after which we were back at the game.. Last weekend was no exception. We must have been yelling or carrying on about some particular battle, which resulted in our dog to get over excited. The dog knocked over our snacks and drinks onto antique rug in the livingroom resulting in a big mess and stain on the carpet. Fortunately my wife was away on a business trip for a week. We cleaned up as best we could that evening and the next morning I called Agara Rug Cleaning, an expert NYC rug cleaning service we have used for both rug cleaning and some restoration work on our numerous antique carpets. I explained the problem and Haim came by that afternnon to pick up the rug. I requested a fast turn around if possible. I wanted the carpet back in place before my wife arrived home. Agara came through and my wife never found out about the accident. We now keep the food and snacks on a high side table so they can't get knocked over so easily.

Recently my son told me about this site. He was very impressed by Jerome Chagnon's film project. Perhaps even inspired. My son has been accepted at RISD, an art school in RI that has a well regarded video and film dept. I won't be surprised if he too becomes motivated by the Resident Evil video franchise.





Patient Zero's BTS #10

July 4, 2011

One of the very last Behind The Scene video as we are getting close to the release of Patient Zero! I know that it is still a few months away for you, faitful viewer, but it seems to be tomorrow to me ;-) I can't believe I started this website a little more than one year ago... Time does fly!

So this BTS is about my friend Jamie Richard, a great film director, who was kind enough to check my script and rewrite it in good English. As for the next update, it should be about music/B.O. Stay tuned!


Patient Zero's BTS #09

June 4, 2011

This Behind The Scene video is about my Lighting Director Joshua Watts. He did a perfect job by giving me the dark and moody lights I wanted for Patient Zero!

We are near the end of our BTS videos and I hope you enjoyed them. If you want to know what's going on about Patient Zero post-production, check the blog, Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

Patient Zero's BTS #08

May 17, 2011

A very special Behind The Scene video this time, with Elijah Collins, the man behind all the sounds related effects of Patient Zero.

We are in the post-production stage of Patient Zero and this video will reveal a few glimpses of the movie, with a tiny little spoiler! It will also show you how ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) is done, months after the actual shooting and how actors need to be back "into" their character.


Patient Zero's BTS #07

April 17, 2011

Time for a new Behind The Scene video! This one is about Vlad Korishev, the talented editor from Patient Zero.

Vlad is a very talented artist who also worked with me on the edit of the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer. We are also working on other projects involving blood and evil, but that's an other story ;-)


Second Teaser

March 30, 2011

Here is the second teaser, which I nicknamed "Ada" - for obvious reasons, once you see it ;-)

I think there should be a third and last teaser in a few months. A teaser, or a trailer. Not sure which one yet.

Thanks for your support, you guys are great! 500 fans on Facebook, almost 400 on Twitter, this is amazing :-) We are all really thanksfull for your support. Keep spreading the word about REFF to your friends, and remember that if you want you can alsodonate - and get something back ;-)


Birthday & Convention & Contest

March 22, 2011

Today is the 15th Anniversary of Resident Evil, so happy birthday to our favorite world of survival-horror!


I have just been told that The Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer and the firstPatient Zero teaser will be shown at the Anime Conji from San Diego, this Friday from 5.30 to 6.30, thanks to Michael Young! More info about the convention here.

That would be a great opportunity for you to win a free Patient Zero tshirt: take a picture of the screen when either of the 2 movies are displayed and send it to with your information. The best one will win a Tshirt and the picture will be posted in the website :-)

Patient Zero's BTS #06

March 21, 2011

We have our 500th fan on Facebook and as promised, here is the special zombie video!

Witness, in a 9 minutes long BTS video, how Kabari Jackson becomes John Clemens (the infamous John from "Ada and John" in RE1 ;-) and a zombie.
9 minutes of interviews, make-up, greenscreen shooting and more!


Patient Zero's BTS #05

March 19, 2011


Fifth BTS with Joe Napoli Jr, as William Birkin. You may be surprised by what he says about his character, as I have transformed it a little from the "regular" Resident Evil mythos.

Just 5 more fans in the Facebook page before you can discover the special BTS video - who said "zombies"? Send your friends to the page and make them like it!


Patient Zero's BTS #04

March 6, 2011


Fourth BTS where you'll meet with Patient Zero's Director of Photography, Nico van den Berg - an extremly talented young man! He will explain why he choose to shot the project with a Canon 7D camera.

On a side note, and as you may have already read in the blog or the Facebook page, I have decided to give myself more time and I have postponed the release of Patient Zero to September 2011.

Just 8 more fans before you can discover the special BTS video - who said "zombies"? Send your friends to the page and make them like it!


Patient Zero's BTS #03

February 12, 2011

Third BTS where you will discover the actress behind Ada Wong, Jean Bai. Valentine's Day is coming soon, so she will tell you about love or commitment. Or not ;-)

I am also pleased to see that we will soon reach the 500th fan on our Facebook page. A new BTS will be released specially when we'll reach this amount!


Patient Zero's BTS #02

February 2, 2011

Second BTS with my "mighty producer", Ashley Doss! She will reveal a few unknown truths about the hard work of film making ;-)

I am also pleased to see that we will soon reach the 500th fan on our Facebook page. A new BTS will be released specially when we'll reach this amount!


Patient Zero's BTS #01

January 16, 2011

Here we are in 2011, with the release of Patient Zero in just a few months.As I did for the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer, there will be a few Behind The Scenes videos (or "BTS") released before the movie itself. More or less one per month. There will be also a Trailer and the whole BO, all of them free of charge!

Of course, if you want to contribuate and support the project, there will be some extra gifts for you ;-) For the whole list of Prizes and Donations, please look at the Donations page. As soon as there will be enough of you with a "Patient Zero T-Shirt", I will create a contest so you'll be able to win more prizes!

Same goes with the amount of fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. 2011 will be the "year of the prizes" ;-)

In the meantime, here is our first BTS for Patient Zero, featuring Philippe Debaty as Albert Wesker. As usual, download it from our server or watch it from Youtube. Post your comments on the Facebook page, in the blog or email them to me :-)


Patient Zero's Teaser!

December 31, 2010

2010 has been a very challenging year, with the production of the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer. We are very pleased, and thankful, for your support during this long year… Making a movie is really not an easy thing!

But now, let’s look to the future and Patient Zero. The pre-production and production of this short feature has been successfully completed, and we are now working on the post-production. The release date is still aiming somewhere in summer 2011, around June. There will be several behind the scene videos to be released, in the meantime.

And now, without further ado, have a look to your first glimpse at Patient Zero – you can either download it in HD from our server or watch it from Youtube. The Patient Zero’s crew whish you all a happy new year :-)


Free Music sample

December 16, 2010

I have introduced you to Patient Zero's main music compositer Yasser Mohamedi in the previous last news. Now it is time for you to have a better idea of his skills, and of Patient Zero's musical choices, with one free sample to download.

Terribilis Est Locus Iste is one work-in-progress track of what will become next year the" Patient Zero the Sound Files" album (Terribilis Est Locus Iste is latin for "This location is scary" ). The track is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial NoDerivs License (CC-by-nc-nd), which means that you can download it and share it with whoever you want, but you can't sell it or remix it without asking the owner of the rights permission to do it.


Music, maestro!

November 28, 2010

It is time now to talk about Patient Zero. I have used the core members of my cast and crew to work on both the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer and Patient Zero. The goal was for everybody to get used to work with each other during the Trailer, and be ready for the real deal, Patient Zero.

This worked fine, except for the music. For the Trailer, I have used the music composed by Capcom's own team - I just couldn't imagine a RE1.5 project with a non-RE1.5 music! So I needed some fresh and new talent for my lead composer.

I am really happy to say that I found this extremely talented musician named Yasser Mohamedi, who created a completly original score for Patient Zero, with the help of Kevin Martin, an other musician, and my sound designer/foley artist Elijah Collins. You can check Yasser's bio in the Cast and Crew page and discover his website here. More about this talented artist, very soon!


6,000 views later

November 11, 2010

Two weeks later the release of the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer, I am really pleased by its reception among the fans: it has been seen 6,000 times so far (and downloaded from my host 4,000 times) and I have received lots of encouragements from fans worldwide. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the thoughts :-)

The Trailer will make its debut in a Zombie Festival at Terror4fun, November 13th, in England. Check their website for all the news. If you can reach the festival, takes some pictures and send them to me, or post them to the Facebook page :-)

Before we move into Patient Zero, here is a last BTS video for the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer. We had a lot of funs shooting it, and I wanted to share it with you! :-)

Now, you should check either the Facebook page, the blog or our twits, to now exactly when we will start promoting Patient Zero.



October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween :-) In september 2009, I decided to use the Resident Evil universe for my senior project for college. But before directing a short movie, I wanted to get my feet wet with a smaller project. This is how I got the idea to make a trailer based on the mysterious Resident Evil 1.5 game. One year later, the (extremely short) movie is completed, and I hope you'll enjoy it :-) Let me know what you think about it, either by email, on the blog, or on Facebook. Thanks :-)

Thanks to a few international fans, the movie is available in various languages. Go to the download page and grab the version subtitled in your own language!

And the future of refanfilms, you may ask? Well, there is this short movie called Patient Zero you will heard about very soon, but we are not yet completly done with the Resident Evil 1.5 trailer. Come back in 2 weeks for - yeah, you know the drill now - a very last BTS video. We had a lot of fun shooting this movie, and I wanted to share parts of it with you :-)



October 16, 2010

Last BTS video before the real deal is released in two weeks! You voted for it on the Facebook page, so here you got it: a sneak peek at how the zombies were created for the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer :-)

I have selected two extremely tall guys to act as my monsters so I had to ask them to sit down, so I can apply the make-up on them - yeah, I am kinda short myself ^^


October 1, 2010

BTS video number four is ready to scares you with its horde of undeads! Hmmm... with lots of blood-thirsty creatures! OK, OK, with two, yeah just two but extremely talented ZOMBIES! I hope you'll enjoy this short behind the scene video :-)

An other paragraph, an other subject: if you follow Resident Evil Fan Films on Facebook or Twitter, you know that a few days ago, we have send the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer's texts to our mighty translators. These guys are so good that half of them have already send their translations back! A round of applause for them, please :-)



September 17, 2010

The new BTS video will show you the RPD parking lot and Leon and Linda ;-) This video is the last from the outside location shots, made during April. Next video will be with our guest stars, the zombies!
Stay tuned :-)



September 3, 2010

Here is the second behind the scene video ;-) It seems that you liked the video with Leon and Marvin, thanks for the kind words :-) This time, you will discover that "sunny California" can be a myth - at least, around San Francisco. The day I choosed for my outdors scenes was horrible, with raining showers and a freezing weather! Big thumb up for Michelle Mongue, for her professionalism. She has been a real trooper that day, and a very nice actor to work with overall :-)



August 28, 2010

Japanese and Russian are the two last languages added to the list, thanks to a Sino-American couple for the first (Cayla and Garrett), and a website for the other. I never thought fans would be so interested in a project related to a canceled product!

Here is the list of the languages the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer will be translated:
- French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese and Russian. Thanks a lot for your help and support!

It also seems that the Facebook page is finally taking of... keep "liking" this page, please! If each of you could get two or three of their friends or relatives to "like" the page, that would be great. I have a dream, of 1,000 fans only for the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer ;)



August 21, 2010

If you keep an eye on the Facebook page, the Twitter tweets and the blog, you know that the previous weeks have been busy! Still, let's recap for the ones who didn't check:

- The production of Patient Zero is done, yeah! Now, let's work a few months on the post-production, shall we?
- More translations! An italian fan (Gracias, Daniele) will translate the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer in Italian. So far, this trailer will be translated into French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Hungarian and Italian. Did I say that you guys are amazing? Well, let me say it again, then: " You guys are amazing!". Thanks a lot for your help and support.
- After working a lot with my editor on the behind the scene footages provided by Arthur Groneman, I am pleased to tell you that starting right now, and every two weeks until the release of the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer (that's Halloween 2010), there will be a free behind the scene video for you to download. Of course, donators already knew that ;-)



July 12, 2010

Guys, I can't say how much your enthusiasm with my projects makes me happy! As the title says, there are indeed more fans willing to translate the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer:

White Umbrella

The Brazilian fans from White Umbrella and Resident Evil Brasil are going to translate the video into Portuguese!

Then, we have the fans from Survivors Community who will translate into Hungarian!

Many thanks to all of you for your support! The trailer will be translated from English into French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Hungarian.

Now, I won't upload this page for a while, because I'll be shooting Patient Zero, during at least 5 days (the 3 next week-ends). Keep an eye on the blog for details about this adventure :-)

But don't forget to come back here, because I think that the next update of the main page, will be about a new video... ;-)



July 4, 2010 So many things happened since the last update, where to start?

Post Production Teaser

Let's start first with one of my affiliate, Resident Evil Only. One of their member offered to translate my Resident Evil 1.5 trailer in Danish. An other affiliate, The Horror Is Alive, offered to translate the trailer in Norwegian. Let's recap: so far, the trailer will be translated from English into French, Spanish, Danish and Norwegian. You want to translate it into your own language? Please drop me a line at contact @ (without the spaces) so we can talk about the specifics. Just know that I would *love* to have my trailer available for the biggest amount of people. Resident Evil 1.5, the sacrificied lamb, deserve the biggest exposure :-)

The Horror Is Alive

Then, there is the amount of followers on the Twitter account. You guys amazed me! I mean, seriously. I went from my 20 classmates/relatives to 108 followers in two weeks! And yeah, I know that these numbers may make some big internet-hostshot laugh but... I am not a big-hotshot-whatever so, "Thank you guys". Seriously, thank you :-)

Now, now if you could just register/become fans/"like" the Facebook page, I would really own you one. You know, making a movie cost a lot. Even if I can use the gear from my school, I still have to pay for the costumes and to feed the crew and actors, among other petty details i won't bother you with. So the more people following me on Twitter or registering to the Facebook page, the easiest for me to find sponsors ;-)

Anyway, I am really pleased by the support of the Resident Evil community. You guys are great, thanks for everything!


June 22, 2010

I have been really impressed by the amount of Resident Evil webmasters who want to be affiliate with my project. Check them in my Affiliates page :-)

But the guys at Resident Evil Center surprised me to a new level when they offered to translate my Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer into Spanish. So thanks to their hard work, all Spanish-speaking people will be able to understand the trailer, when it will be released for Halloween 2010!
Thanks, guys :-)

Visit their website, in Spanish, here:

Post Production Teaser



June 22, 2010

The guys at Terror4fun have decided to use my Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer in their Zombies Film festival coming this November! Thanks a lot guys :-) Terror4fun is the "Gateway to Zombie and Horror Events", and they organises zombie events in the UK and supports zombie film production across the globe.

Check them by cliking on the banner below:

Post Production Teaser




June 13, 2010

To celebrate this opening, and reguarding the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer I am currently working on, here is the first teaser made after the production was completed.

Post Production Teaser



June 13, 2010

Welcome to this website dedicaced to my Resident Evil fan made movies. As a film student at the Art Institutes of California San Francisco in Digital Film and Video Production, and as a huge fan of the Resident Evil video games series, I have decided to base my senior project on this universe.

Because I am a fan from the early days, I am working on movies based on the very first games back in 1996 and 1997, Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 1.5 (for more information on this game, check Bioflames in English or SurvivHor in French).

The website is still young and in the coming weeks, new pages will be added. I hope you'll enjoy your visit and feel free to post your comments in the blog or by email (my address is located at the bottom of this page).



Cast & Crew


I have been truly blessed in the creation of these two movies, because I have found extremely talented people willing to follow me in this journey. Please, check their blog and website to discover these amazing individuals.

Cast: Philippe Debatty, Jean Bai, Kabari Jackson, Joe Napoli, Michelle Mongue, Jewelin Lefler, Parker Aylesworth and Brett Chatelain

Crew: Jerome Chagnon, Ashley Doss, Nico Van Den Berg, Dakota Nicolucci, Joshua Watts, Jaena Sta. Ana, Vlad Korishev, Arthur Groneman, Mert Ozer, Elijah Collins, Emily Schrader, Sarah Baker.

Friends: Find here all the people who helped these movies to be done. Thanks a lot for their help and support!

The Cast

Philippe Debatty   Jean Bai
Lead for Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer
(Leon Kennedy)
Albert Wesker in Patient Zero
  Lead for Patient Zero
(Ada Wong)
Linda in the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer

Philippe Debaty was born and raised in the French Alps and moved to California in 2009. He trained as an actor at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking and is an ongoing acting student at the Shari Carlson Studio.

He has played in over 20 film or television productions. Recently, he played the lead role in short film Dark Desert Highway, which won the best production design award at the Epidemic Film Festival. Last year his performance as lead in short film The Audition received a nomination for best acting at the 7 day film festival. He is currently performing as lead actor on a feature film in production, Challenger, scheduled to hit the festival circuit in early 2011.


Jean Bai has completed a theater minor at UCLA and is currently residing in San Francisco pursuing her dream of acting. As a Mathematics/ Economics major at UCLA, she explored various aspects of the film business with internships in Entertainment Marketing and Film Production.

However, her main focus of performance beckoned and she began auditioning and taking acting classes more intensively. Recently, she has worked on student short films, such as 7 Minutes to Midnight in which she played lead, Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer, and FedEX Spec Commercial as well as commercial jobs for Symantec Corporation and Cisco Systems.



Kabari Jackson   Joe Napoli
Marvin Branagh in
Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer
John Clemens in Patient Zero
  William Birkin in Patient Zero

Kabari Jackson has appeared in various short films such as Vacation Bible School, My Generations War, Blink and many other films. He also appeared in several commercials for companies like JJ’s Fish and Holly Grill. Kabari started his career as a stage actor staring in plays such as, Lucasville Five and Confessions. He studied film at the Academy Of Arts University in San Francisco for four years. Now this talented, young actor wants to share his gift to the world.

Kabari lives in Pleasanton California where he works as a stage and film actor. His most recent acknowledgement was an award at the Epidemic Film Festival for his commercial, Holly Grill. In his free time Kabari Jackson enjoys fishing, church, and spending time with his family.
If you would like to contact Kabari or view his resume go to


Joe Napoli Jr. graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1997 with a degree in theatre arts. He was a writer for the Johnny Cats sketch comedy group for one season. One of Joe's great contributions to the film was his criticism of the script originally calling for William to wear round eye glasses in his introductory scene. The producers originally thought that this would make him seem more complacent making his surprise aggressiveness more impactful because it would have been more of a shock - a mild mannered guy suddenly becoming more manic. But once we saw the tests, Joe suggested we lose the glasses, or at least use a different shape. Everyone agreed and we went with no glasses at all. Interesting how a small detail like round glasses could influence how a character is perceived. Thanks, Joe, for speaking your mind - everyone who saw the scene in the first video take agreed. Round is a friendly shape and glasses in general hide your eyeballs!

Joe is currently a company member with the Actors Theater of San Francisco and he has performed comedy in several venues in Southern California. You can contact Joe at



Parker Aylesworth   Brett Chatelain
Zombie in Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer   Zombie in Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer

Parker is a young filmmaker from the eastern sierra in California’s high desert.
Growing up in an area that was greatly used as locations for most western movies, transformers, tremors etc. He was stunned by the filmmaking industry. He moved to San Francisco and started working in early 2007 as a PA.

Since moving to San Francisco, Parker has worked on two feature films including ALL ABOUT EVIL and Stitch in Time, and many student films such as; Skatehouse, Rinse, Hitmen, Frank Coruso PI and is currently in production on Decomposing Wayne.


rett Chatelain, born and raised in Southern California and now Nevada resident is an aspiring filmmaker at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. He has held a wide variety of jobs on set because he loves it all and wants to get as much experience as he can from as many different positions as possible. He continues to develop as a filmmaker and loves the filmmaking processes.

Brett’s duties have included acting, and he has stepped into the spotlight on numerous occasions. Brett has gotten recognition for winning the non-profit commercial challenge, and will continue to develop as a filmmaker till he graduates next year.


The Crew


Jerome Chagnon   Ashley Doss
Director, Visual Effects   Producer

Jerome Chagnon started his career as a Director of Photography on feature films in 2008 with Christina, Wrath of Khaos, Temptations and Halloween 2009.
He’s focus is more on being a Motion Graphist artist, a Composer and a Colorist, as he did on S.T.A.R.S., Dick Frisco Paranormal Investigator, Red Moon, and numerous MacBreak Studio and tutorials for

In 2010, Jerome put a team together to direct two movies based on Resident Evil: a 3 minutes trailer called Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer and a 10 minutes short called Patient Zero, where he’ll do also the composing, green screening and color correcting.



“Filmmaking is about creating a world of illusion and imagination through a series of moving images.” With that said Ashley focuses her efforts on producing and creating short content with other filmmakers that focus on the character and the story, in the realm of narrative, documentary, promotional video, and commercials.

“I like to help the directors and/or writers create their story, sometimes from the ground up.”
Ashley was the Producer for Wrath of Khaos (2009) and Resident Evil Trailer 1.5 (2010). She is currently in pre production for the short film entitled, Death Prophet. In 2009 she was curator for the Virgins and Rejects Film Festival. Also was a Videographer for varies panels and Q&A sessions for the 2009 San Francisco International Film Festival. Currently she is earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Film and Video Production at the Art Institute of California- San Francisco.



Nico Van Den Berg   Dakota Nicolucci
Director of Photography   Camera Assistant

Originally born in Baltimore, Maryland, Nico started off as a skateboard photographer for local publications. Recognizing a passion for film and video, he moved on to skateboard videography. After finishing his high school studies, Nico moved to California to pursue a career in the film industry, studying Digital Film & Video Production at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco.
He is molding himself into a young filmmaker, focusing his attention on becoming a cinematographer and Director of Photography. Work ranges from Short & Feature length narrative films to Documentary and Experimental pieces. Nico van den Berg along with fellow friends has created a startup production company called “Kwality Media,” assuming the role as Technical Director.


Dakota has grown up loving film from a young age. From watching movies with his family he learned to appreciate film as an art form. He first started acting in a small theatre troupe in kids shows written by friends. Now he is a current student at the Art Institute of San Francisco studying filmmaking and is pursing a career in the medium making films with friends and colleagues at school.

He’s been apart of many projects in different roles from Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, to Producer. He feels very comfortable in whatever role he’s in and is excited to get the opportunity to hone his craft from all those different perspectives.
He is excited to take his theatre acting background and bring that to the table in the films he creates.



Josuah Watts   Jaena Sta. Ana
Gaffer   Producer Assistant, Director Assistant

Joshua Watts is an aspiring filmmaker, focusing on writing and directing. Originally from Vallejo, Ca. Joshua now lives in San Francisco where he attends school at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco. While at school Joshua has worked on numerous projects for narrative and documentary. Since the start of 2010 Joshua has worked on a television special Bay Appétit, for the first show Josh provided the graphics for the program, for the third and final episode Joshua produced the program. Also he wrote, lighted and acted in Behind the Screen a short narrative film that pays homage to monster films of the past.

When Joshua is not working on a film he can be found staying active. An avid snowboarder (he started at the age of 8) he loves the thrill he receives from the sport. However, Josh can always be found writing scripts as he loves to do so. No matter what happens in Josh’s life he tries to stay with the motto his mother told him “positive thoughts produce positive results”, so far this has served Josh well as he is following his dream of becoming a filmmaker.


Jaena Sta. Ana was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when she was three years old. She moved from Southern California to San Francisco in 2008 to further her studies for film and television production. Her goals are to work as a producer on short and feature films, as well as to produce television shows.

She is attending the Art Institute of California San Francisco as a Digital Film and Video Production Major. There she has worked on various projects from a food variety show, psa commercials, short films, etc. She just finished producing a short film titled Behind the Screen, and is now currently producing the short film, Decomposing Wayne.





Vlad Korishev   Arthur Groneman
Editor   Set photographer

Vlad emigrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine at a very young age, but the influence of Eastern European film on him was profound. He has worked on numerous projects within a myriad of genres, but he is still grounded in the experimental vein of classic Eastern European cinema. Vlad began his film career working as an actor, but he found his true calling behind the camera; discovering a love for cinematography.

Vlad created an experimental thriller, Koltzo, which aired at the Delancey Street Film Festival, as well as his follow-up, Kakat. He was also assistant director and editor of the Art Institute of California-San Francisco’s 48-hour film competition winner, When the Bough Breaks. He is currently working in post-production on a narrative short which portrays a father who throws away everything to avenge the death of his daughter, and is beginning production on The Mirror’s Truth, a short thriller about a possessed mirror which begins to drain its owner’s soul.




Arthur Groneman has a multi-dimensional educational background with degrees in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, capped with a Bachelor’s in Finance from CSU-Sacramento. With a diverse knowledge in many fields of study, Arthur passionate about the Arts and Creativity, chose to pursue a career in Motion Pictures starting by attending the Art Institute of California-SF for a year as a Digital Film and Video Production major and moving on to the graduate program for Motion Pictures and Directing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Amongst Arthur’s earlier work in creative writing for the Entertainment Industry are writing for The San Francisco Noisepop Music Festival,, and the MetroSpirit Independent Weekly.
Intensely involved in his studies in Motion Pictures he has enjoyed and would like to continue work as a Set Photographer and Behind the Scenes Cinematographer. He has worked on set for the feature Wrath of Khaos and the Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer.
Blog: 111video



Mert Ozer   Elijah Collins
Boom Operator   Mix Engineer

Born in Istanbul, Mert grew up listening to electronic music. In 1999, he moved to sunny Orlando, Florida and started producing dance tracks for clubs. He broke into the scene quickly and became resident DJ in several night clubs and music festivals. Building on his success, he decided to move to The Bay Area, in California to continue his education and to make music his career.

He is going into his final year in Audio Production at Art Institute of San Francisco and expanding his repertoire with several projects such as recording local bands (The Electrosonic Chamber, Mariachi Mi Linda Terra) and sound design for movies (Halls of Growing Perceptions - Sundance Film Festival).


Elijah Collins is a young mix engineer at the Art Institute of California- San Francisco. Before graduating high school he took music class so that he would be able to produces his own music, and score for movies as well. After graduating in 2008 he decided to go to California for audio production.

In fall of 2008 Elijah Collins moved to California to attend the Art Institute of California- San Francisco. While attending this school he choose Audio Production has his major. As of today he has worked on such films as Wrath of Khaos by Mykel McGoy, Mesa Son by Aquavis Warfield, and is in pre-production for some future films as well.

Emily Schrader   Sarah Baker
Mix Engineer   Costumes Design

Emily Schrader is a student at the Art Institute of California- San Francisco. During senior year of high school Emily was part of the crew for her high school TV show. She put short videos together from footage that was given to her or filmed herself. She also used these talents to make a longer video and an animated short for class projects.

After graduation Emily Schrader moved to attend the Art Institute of California- San Francisco. She decided to become an audio projection major. As of today she is in pre-production for a film


Sarah Baker has been sewing since the age of 13, and studying art since the age of 9. Her aspirations as a fashion designer are to work as a tailor for luxury menswear, however she is interested in all facets of the fashion industry and often likes to participate in costume design for plays and movies.

Some recent work includes Jerome Chagnon’s Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer (2010), John Lai’s Le Chapelier Fou (2009), and Billy Clift’s Baby Jane? (2009). Other designs have been for fashion shows such as Fashionista Extravaganza 2008 and Anima/Animus: the Androgynous Fashion Show (2009).